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Message Subject Eyes Wide Shut -- A Model of Monarch Programming
Poster Handle 10193131
Post Content
One reason that the wife character may have ended by giving a trigger word is that she had been 'switched' into one of her alters (the Cat, or Cub sexual alter) when Christmas shopping for her daughter.

[link to www.youreyeswideshut.com]

Coincidence? Not at all. Look at the Zebra/Domino/Prostitute Illuminati plant. She has a kitty herself and this directly links her and Kidman's characters with Cat/Alter training and color programming. Kidman has the impluses of an MK sex slave, because she IS an MK sex slave.

[link to www.youreyeswideshut.com]

Follow the connections between the Color programs in the film. Follow the different moods and themes in each of them. A different alter comes out when exposed to different colors. This unwitting color program on Kidman's character is secretly influencing Cruize's character toward certain actions, moods and feelings. Kidman's character is unknowingly training Cruize's character in Monarch. She is an MK Kitten.

This isn't just something similar to Monarch MK Ultra. This film is a veritable blueprint of actual Rainbow programming.
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