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Message Subject Eyes Wide Shut -- A Model of Monarch Programming
Poster Handle 10193131
Post Content
Theres nothing great about sex, anyone can fuck, Anyone with a 50 IQ and junk in the trunk can stick it in or take it in and go at it.

The magick of sex occurs at a level the profane cannot understand. Its not two bodies fucking . Its the sex that occurs between spirit and flesh, One person and God. Only one person is needed for the true marriage of heiros gamos

This true meaning is hidden from the profane who can only think of things at the flesh level.

I understand what you're saying, but I'll just add a bit more. Theoretically, drawn from my studies of comparitive tantras, and especially Biblical Tantra of Song of Solomon, I would like to approach sex holistically. To me, sex isn't like magic, sex is magic. It is either an act of creation or destruction, no matter what. It is the cadaceus. It is the Divine Magick Wand. It is either the Wand of the Sorcerers of Egypt, or it is Aarron's Wand to buds. But it is all force and all attraction of Life itself. It is Will and Will is Love. And as far as we are concerned, it needs to be unified on all levels and planes of the physical, soulish and spiritual. No longer all things in separation, but all things in One, all things in Ameth, all things in ACHAD and 13, which is Union and Henosis.

The problem, sociologically today, is not that the whore isn't understood. The whore is well understood. It has been made manifest by years and centuries of propaganda and brainwashing. The problem is that the wife is not understood. In many ways, that is the underlying problem in eyes wide shut.

The wife wants to fuck, or at least she thinks she wants to fuck. In truth, she wants divine orgasm and release in full creative power and fulfillment. But she, like the entire death/sex cult are themselves most brainwashed.

There is no necessary reason why such Sex Rites can't be rectified and reversed into their Solution. The problem is that one eye is blind and one leg hobbled. Take off the hoodwink and hand me other walking shoe, then see what happens.

I'll tell you what will happen--Illumination. But first I have to get all this Rainbow business sorted out so I can wear it on my head like the Angel in Revelation. Once I do, you'll hear me roar.
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