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Message Subject Eyes Wide Shut -- A Model of Monarch Programming
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Of course sex offers a route to englightenment. Even Judeo-Christianity offers the Tantra of Song of Songs which is about reversing the Egyptian Spell and creating and building Jerusalem, embodied by the archetypal woman invoked as Shulamite. There's no denying that sex can produce englightment, it's just all about what kind of enlightment you're talking about. Not all illuminations are created equal, just as not all Illuminati are illumined by the same light frequency. Truth is, every single human is an illuminus, it just depends on what your vibe is. You can be Solomon or Pharoah, but always remember, according to the law of parabola, Solmon's Wand is bigger, faster and stronger. For example, Moses told Pharoah, My snake can eat your snake for breakfast, bastard.
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In short, I appreciate Kubrick for making Eyes Wide Shut. I'm really not interested in the film for its own sake. I'm much more interested in how I can use the film for my own practical uses. It's a very brief and concise how-to on chaos magick and a thousand points of light. It's exactly the same idea as how a group of playground bullies manipulate and abuse children in grade school, just with a bit more abstraction. And that's what these Illuminati really are. They are passive-agressive snakes using playground techniques.

What's the solution? Out-magick the magicians. Simple.
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Out magick the magicians? lol. How about making yourself a better person instead? Humans are so messed up as it is, they dont need any help

Be a great parent and spouse, raise your kids right. Make moral choices and wise purchases. Be a human that contributes something back to society rather than takes. Be a person that can be trusted by ones neighbors and ones friends.

If every person watched themselves, wed have no need of government, not need of laws, no need of rules, contracts, regulations, its humans that are messed up, that is all.

Why shouldn't we out-magick the magicians? Isn't that exactly the means by which Moses led the Children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage? I know of no other way to escape the gods and powers of Egypt or NWO but with a superior magick. If that is the pattern of Scripture, am I not to pursue such means of rectification in Xristos?

I have already solved Crowley's code. I don't know how much plainer the Spirit has to make it to me that I am meant to be a part of the Great Rectification of our times which will annihilate the Man of Sin with the Blast of the Breath of His Mouth and the Illumination of His Parousia in the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory unto the Aeons of Aeons. Amen.

And the kings of earth will howl in terror and say, Let the mountains cover us to hide us from the Wrath of the Ram! For the Time of His Wrath is come!
 Quoting: 10193131

That was a nice flowery, and powerful Biblical style rhetoric you gave there! But let me assure you, the truth of the matter is that most of the main bodied religions were meant to encode scientific and astronomical code to pass down to further generations. Yes, Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt, but that is because they had no freedom of religion there to build the tabernacle in the wilderness which was basically one big sun dial with all the implements positioned at a certain hour.

We have freedom of religion in America and Europe and theres no comparison to any times of oppression, we are not North Korea or China or parts of the Middle East. When you live in a country that will oppress your freedom of religion, THEN pull out that Biblical example.
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