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Message Subject Eyes Wide Shut -- A Model of Monarch Programming
Poster Handle 10193131
Post Content
I need to criticize and compliment the OP.

You have cracked the movie wide open, but you have yet to really make sense of it.

That said, kudos on stating the film is about the audience, not the film. Kubrick's 2001 was not even about space, it was about the person watching it. There are great YouTube videos that explain his methods.

So far, your explanation is too schizophrenic. You have cracked open the atom, but have yet to describe the junk inside.

Please let us know when you figure out the junk.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23252973

As far as the junk is concerned, it's largely irrelevant. Kubrick's 'invention' is loosely based upon the 1926 German Novella 'Traumeville', or Dream Story.

Like all Kubrick work, the Title is never actually what it seems to be. It is always Kubrick's total reworking of a piece. It's like he draws a scetch of a famous painting and then completely repaints it according to his own needs. For example, The Shining was not at all what Stephen King wrote. Kubrick took a work, gutted it of its inards, took the shell and then crammed it with the story he wanted and needed to tell.

So it is with Eyes Wide Shut and Dream Story. Kubrick took a scetch and followed a sequence of events that generally fell along the story line and then showed how a similar series of events could have been (and is) set into motion with Monarch programming in today's world. Everything in Eyes Wide Shut is symbol. Everything is abstract, overarching and archetypical of the major Monarch program.

The plot is useless. In fact, the story itself is useless. The only thing that matters in Eyes Wide Shut is the sequence of events leading to a point. There is only technique in Eyes Wide Shut. It is a clinic and a documentary thinly vieled as fiction.

The sex is dry and robotic, so the critics claim. This is intentional. The story isn't about sex. The story isn't about Satanic cults. The story isn't about love. The story isn't about the 7 deadly sins. There is no important story except the story of Monarch mind control and how it works. That's the whole point. And you either get it and use it or you don't. The end.
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