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Message Subject Eyes Wide Shut -- A Model of Monarch Programming
Poster Handle 10193131
Post Content
Magi + Christmas + Star of Bethlehem + Eyes Wide Shut + Monarch + Zodiac + 12 Point Star

8 Point Star
12 Point Star
7 Guards
7 Virtues
7 Vices
7 Planets
7th House
Winter Solstice

So, yes. There is one important question that remains in Eyes Wide Shut: what's going on with all the Christmas Stars and Christmas Trees?

I have a hunch it's a lot more than a portreyal of the crass commercialisation of Christmas like the critics have claimed. The Christmas Tree appears so much in EWS, it could be considered as a character with a silent dialogue, telling its own story. It's almost like the Christmas Trees in Eyes Wide Shut are saying to the viewer, Why aren't you looking at me? I'm right here!

Strangely enough, even with all this Christmas 'stuff', it doesn't feel like Christmas in Eyes Wide Shut. It sort of feels like the end of January, in the bleakest, most boring midwinter on a Tuesday. The film is dry, soulless, tasteless, ammoral and mind-numbing. All of these elements work toward the intended effect--brainwashing. Even the women in the sex orgy seem so disinterested and disconnected that I swear, I believe I will be impotant for some time to come. It's like they could be at a Satanic masquerade rite or crocheting, whichever came first and both are about as amusing.
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