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Message Subject Eyes Wide Shut -- A Model of Monarch Programming
Poster Handle 10193131
Post Content
Nice job, friend.
I concur. I also have been recently seeking a copy of this film. I have only seen it like twice or so when I checked it out from the Library awhile back. I felt the male character was being played just as you describe.
I feel you have connected many dots that were resonating in the background. I will continue my quest to secure a copy of the film.
 Quoting: TastyThoughts

In regard to connecting the dots, during the waltz scene, with all the thousand lights in the backdrop, the viewer is apparently urged to play connect the dots.

Kubrick not only invites us, but nearly demands that we play connect the dots.

Where are we going ladies (in the Red, White and Blue of the American flag, notwithstanding. Yes, I caught that detail, thank you)? That is the question.

We're going where the rainbow ends. Where does the rainbow end? I have no idea, but when I was in preschool, they use to tell me it ended with a pot of gold. However, not all that glitters is gold, and there's a lot of tinsel in this film.

So we chase rainbows, play connect the dots and go to masquerade balls. It's all fun and games till the call girls are so bored they were rather die of a heroin overdose than live anymore in this boring self-aggrandising retirement home for the perpetually listless.

I really don't know if Mandy is such a hero afterall. She could be saying, No, no! Don't kill him, kill ME! They shoot horses, don't they?

Sheesh, man. If I were running that party, I would be insulted. Not even the whore of Babylon wants to be there.

Screw it.

And this is how Cruize and Kidman's characters get their kicks? Wow. That IS yuppy. I always suspected the rich really were bored to death. I may have been more right than I knew.

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