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Message Subject Some "flu shots" given were long-term contraceptives.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I dont know what to believe, but people are ignoring the most simple solution

Offer cash rewards for men of any country/race to get vasectomies. Many men are not cut out to be fathers or they are done having kids. And of course theres promiscuous ones out there that move onto woman to woman making 10 plus babies without daddies.

Theres no need for this,

Offer vasectomies for free. and throw in a cash reward for getting it done and a free IPAD.

If you watch the freakonomics piece on roe v wade this makes a lot of sense.

It will also reduce the spiritual load, I'm not saying sterilize everyone its a choice and freedom is choice.

I for one say let freedom stand, the choice is already made we just have it done anything yet.
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