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Message Subject Some "flu shots" given were long-term contraceptives.
Poster Handle Kirk
Post Content
I was going g to bring this up in another thread last night but decided not too...
but if you are female you live in the USA

get your ovaries checked

if you have good insurance go to the dr and complain of messed up periods like you miss one one month and its been going on for at least 6 months

tell a white lie but get your dr yo give you an ultrasound to look at your ovaries

and the way they do it... is they go up and in with an object hehe and that object xrays in 3d to look inside..

ill bet many women in the usa your ovaries are shrinking

take note.... most girls are having their periods way early my kid did and the dr even said it to my face its because of the hormones they put in milk

and there is a video on youtube about this...

and all my daughters friends they all started early

here is the thing not many of them are big on drinking milk

how many of you know of couples trying to have babies and they cant and they are young

they are getting help from a dr to get pregnant

how many of you men are having a hard time getting it up and have low testosterone or cant last in the bed room or have no interest having sex

think about it these people have placed something in our environment thats helping with no more breeding

end of rant
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29592698

not the milk, its used to increase weight gain, more meat. Chickens can be a bad offender.
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