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Message Subject Five shot dead in one day, Lib-tard gun laws at work
Poster Handle Innards_outward
Post Content
Our President needs time to "show" the uneducated the true nature of ridding the streets of gun violence. It is not going to take place in an instant folks. As with the economy, it takes a little time but he will turn the gun violence around just like the economy. The similiarities are astounding too. America "was" on the brink financially and look now...the road to recovery. Chicago is also on the brink. Mayor Rahm, together with our President will turn the gun violence around and make it a great city again. The days of our constitution are old and outdated. I know this sounds extreme but extreme times call for extreme measures. I think that our President should be able to make a law in cases like this. The stale partisanship our our republicans is only worsening the situation. Time for real change we can believe in.
 Quoting: bluegirlredstate 3034706

What planet you on? The economy is still tanking and all Dear Leader's goons are killing everything that america once stood for. Can't even understand how anyone can even contort the facts into what you just did. Bravo! You must be a true demo bot that would follow dear leader off the cliff.
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