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Message Subject Children Of God, Please Come Home
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
To all those who have strayed from our heavenly Father's kingdom, please come back home. We miss you and we want you to be happy again. Your Father and your family wait for you with open arms to return home, please do not delay. Your sins are not too great for our Father's mercy and forgiveness. He loves you and He only wants you to turn away from the earthly desires of sin so that you might know true happiness.

All of us have fallen short of our Father's goal for us, and none of us are deserving of His mercy after what we have done, but He is ready and willing to offer it to us nonetheless. That is the measure of His love for us, we only need to turn away from the ways of the wicked, and His Son will guide us home. God knows we must experience evil to truly appreciate the goodness He offers, and so temptation and sin are necessary evils in that respect, but they do not need to be permanent.

No sin is too great for our Father's mercy and forgiveness, He only requires you to repent of the wrong you did. When we sin, we separate ourselves from the Father, and we isolate ourselves from His love. Do not be afraid, come back and ask Him with an earnest and contrite heart for forgiveness, and it will be given to you. He sacrificed His Son for us, that is the measure of His resolve and love for you :-)


 Quoting: Rising Son

You are under a delusional paradigm of immense proportions on this planet...

Very little accurate understanding of what is at work in this galaxy...

Controllers, manipulators, using a valid concept of a prime source, then twisting it to claim they are disciples, have the ear of the prime source, and transcribed what was said to them...

You know, when you own the printing press, have the means of distribution, and the will to carry out long range plans, then any paradigm can be instilled...

Especially in an earther body, as it has been genetically altered, and dna programmed to believe such nonsense...Think those shivers and vibrations are what the bible claims as the holy spirit - think again!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25784525

Your knowledge of the spirit suffers while you dwell on your knowledge of the flesh. We who are children of our Father know in our heart what is truth, because it is revealed through the Holy Spirit. No imposter can duplicate the authenticity and genuineness of our Father's voice, it is as natural as the beat of our heart and the breath that we breathe.
 Quoting: Rising Son

My knowledge of the spirit and soul is far greater then you can imagine...

My knowledge of what is working on you is also far greater then you can imagine...

You are right in one sense, no one can duplicate what comes to you from your soul, through your connected spirit stream... But, your understanding is greatly hammpered by your religious thoughts, and that dam, dna command structure...
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