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Message Subject Children Of God, Please Come Home
Poster Handle Rising Son
Post Content
The human genome is not to be manipulated, it was created perfectly by our heavenly Father. As He is the Divine Architect, so only He is capable of altering us in an acceptable way.
 Quoting: Rising Son

Tell that to the manipulators, they did not get the message...

You would enhance your understanding greatly of this galaxy game mechanics, your soul, and your spirit stream, if you would drop the one god principle...

Although we all come from the prime source, and are essentially one... In the galaxy however, an experiential learning creation, we are definitely not one...

We are all uniquely different, and by we, I mean our soul, the real player in this game... The one's who brought you religion on this planet, are simply players who have exercised their knowledge of technology, including genetics and hierarchial structures, in an attempt to bring other players under their control...

Part of this experiential game you are here to learn...

It is monotheism, in a polytheistic galaxy...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25784525

My friend, your curiosity has grown to paranoia, and you starve yourself from the love of our Father in doing so. You need not fear nor worry, for His love is genuine, it is everlasting, and it is yours if you would only allow Him in your heart.
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