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Message Subject Children Of God, Please Come Home
Poster Handle Rising Son
Post Content
Such a pity, my sordid being isn't a child of God, like you are. Being a child of God means that you're holy, that roughly equals to wholy/whole, and my tumor ridden soul cannot attain the glory of you and your family. Besides, I am just basking here in your glory, deceiving others with the reflected light. Hope you don't stop shining otherwise my cover will be blown and people see me as the rotten demon I am.

My apology if I am a black spot in your topic, erase the blight if you must.
 Quoting: RaXz

Why do you deny yourself? Our Father knows you, He loves you, and He wants you to stop punishing yourself. Please come home.
 Quoting: Rising Son

Maybe I like being a black spot, it sure as hell breaks with the monotony of the immense amount of children of God in this place, I just can't be as perfect as people want me to be, so I just accept it as it is.
 Quoting: RaXz

Accepting your faults is often a convenient way to keep from improving yourself. You were made to improve and learn, our Father does not want you to remain in one place, stuck in a rut. You like being out of the limelight, and that shyness is a testament to your humility, but it is in no way an excuse to quit trying to return to the path our Father has made for you.
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