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Message Subject Coca-Cola admits Dasani is really just 'purified' tap water
Poster Handle Indian Elder
Post Content
True, literate people knew long ago Dasini is tap water long ago. But I still see people scooping it off the shelves by the armful. These people ought to just by a good filtering system as suggested above.
"Spring water" if it is truely spring water at least isnt filtered city tap water which DOESNT come from an underground source but is recycled tap water sometimes flushed through fifty toilets till it comes to your tap. It is NOT clean...just think alone how old are the lines running through miles of lines to your home...never cleaned, sliding through possible mold and slime built up for decades, even centuries under ground. And the unspeakable chemicals "they" want to be able to feed into the I.V. bag the force into your home.
I would never feed my grandkids tap water. I encourage short showers and not soaking in it also. WHY did most cities pour cement down in city wells so you couldnt use them ever anymore? Who is behind the advertising campaign to get rid of the bottles holding the good spring water.>? If the plastic bottles are so bad, why not ban 7-up and coca cola, etc, why JUST water!!
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