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Message Subject HOLY S**T!! Take a look at this uav surveillance camera keeping an eye on us, UNREAL! (short video)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When the indoctrination of "See something, Say something" is sealed, coupled with the nefarious technology that watches us online, from the air, and on the street, the stage will be set for either total domination by the elite. At that time, each man and woman will have to make a decision. Either join and obey the elite like sniveling shaking rats, or resist and retain our human dignity.

Human diginity, honor, and courage. They can never break these down into bits of information. Can't capture that on camera. Can't contain it in Fema camps.

Rats or human dignity? I've never liked cheese.
 Quoting: BxMac

You're so right.

And this is beyond physical enslavement.

Its a fight for the very soul of humans. Once you bow down, your soul
is imprisoned too.

So many people have given up their souls already voluntarily. But the elite are afraid people will wake up and take back their dignity and life.

This is why the push for big brother is happening so fast now.
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