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Message Subject HOLY S**T!! Take a look at this uav surveillance camera keeping an eye on us, UNREAL! (short video)
Poster Handle ehecatl
Post Content
This should remove any doubt about why we are in debt. And assume that what we are shown is very old indeed. Add into that heat sensors, and magnified sound--

Anyone worried about the government watching them outside has underestimated their ability to watch, and hear you inside your own home.

In the future a "safe" room will have a whole new meaning.

You can also assume it is not being used for our benefit or there would never be a unsolved murder, missing person, or missing child.

Every person could be fed, housed, and clothed and given a meaningful job--but alas this is not the plan.
 Quoting: stillhere

How about if you say instead, "Most people could probably feed themselves, house themselves, clothe themselves, and find whatever activity is useful and meaningful to themselves, find their own way in other words, if they decide to, and if certain governments would stop getting in the way of people being able to help themselves independently, with all manner of law and taxes and regulation which disallow nonconformity, but rather which are structures which have become extremely parasitic in some cases."

The parasite makes the error of sucking too hard and spoiling the host, and the host makes the error of looking to the non producing parasite for sustenance.

What you are implying, that people should look to the beast for substances, is sinister, because it is the motive of the hook and the bait. That whole way of thinking is in fact diabolical.

I prefer to look to live by my own means, or die by my own means, but always by my own means. The system itself can make that difficult, but there are usually many things most people could do to arrange their life to suit their spirit if they set themselves on that course seriously.
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