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Message Subject HOLY S**T!! Take a look at this uav surveillance camera keeping an eye on us, UNREAL! (short video)
Poster Handle Janus198
Post Content
The military (Navy) can see a postage stamp
in real time, on the ground from satellites
and there is a network of them, so real time
with perfect resolution to 4-6 inches is
not only possible but ongoing.

Northrup Grumman patch puts it all together.

I keep saying it and no one believes me.
There will come a day when people will rejoice
at the power outage.

Wonder how long it would have to be down,
before orbits would decay of everything up
there now, and they would all crash.

Turn the power back on.
Nice project, eh?

But do you see actually, why ground wars are
only for the purposes of depopulation?
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