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Message Subject Iron domes deployed all over the north of israel
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Well i live near open fields, on 1 side there is farmland and on the other there is a large open feild that is bettwen me and the city so the opened it up in the field bettwen my house and the city. i just woke up and it was there this morning.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32914108

You just keep going, don't you?

For such supposed super-smart, 1st-world people... Israelis can be such bloody freakin' oblivious MORONS.

How else does one explain a grossely unqualified radical Lefty-in-"Centrist"s clothing like Yair Lapid get 19 mandates in the election?
 Quoting: ASV 25227028

thats true... but then how would you explain how obama was elected ? most people are morons doesnt matter wich country they come from.. and as i said there are pictures of the batteries on the news so nothing i told you is secret.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32914108

1) I am not gonna play your game; you know the rules - those Israeli newspapers likely dealt with the bitachon issues and if anything, they will be held accountable. That should have no bearing on your actions. Stop while you're behind.

2) While I am certainly NOT a fan of his... fact remains: Barack Obama actually had a graduate degree, headed prestigious Law Review in freakin' Harvard; was a state senator then a US senator from a major state with economy bigger than all of Israel's... and he actually had to prove himself during a grueling almost 2 year long marathon of an election campaign in 2007-2008, including going up against Hillary/Bill Clinton Machine in the primaries.

3) American's MARGIN OF ERROR is much bigger than Israel. They can survive Obama. Not sure Israel can survive an amateur demagogue on Washington/Brussels's payroll - whether it be Yachimovich, Lapid or Dapne Leef.

Lapid is just a glorifid news-reader. And the dumb Israelis vote for him cuz he was cuter than the rest, LOL
 Quoting: ASV 25227028

your writing like lapid won... he lost he can mybe be a minister but he wont be prime minister... bibi can form a govermant without him if he wants. and by the way lapid has former generals and former head of the shin bet in his party so people voted for the whole party and not just lapid.
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