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Message Subject Iron domes deployed all over the north of israel
Poster Handle Wrongatt
Post Content
Thanks for the post, OP

And wow, "ASV" is going to do really well with the tptb here in the states.

"ASV writes: "keep your stupid mouth or you'll be reported."

What a sniveling, weasel, pawn. What a great candidate for the upcoming Fema guard positions.

"If you see someting, say something."

"Hello, my name is ASV and I'd like to report an OP posting information about domes over Israel. Really, you're going to give me a special badge and decoder ring! Wow, I'll keep the information coming. It's great being a concerned citizen. Thank you. Thank you.......Mom! Mom! Guess what?......"

What a fucking idiot.
 Quoting: BxMac


ASV is clearly a worthless pos jew bastard.

He needs to sit the fuck down and stfu

Get the fuck out of our country ASV. Your kind isn't wanted or needed.
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