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Message Subject Iron domes deployed all over the north of israel
Poster Handle Ashton's succulent Volvo
Post Content
WOOHOOO!! lets kill arabs!!!

but if the domes are up north that means the cetnral and southern parts are completely exposed and both syria and hizzbullah are capable of targeting these areas.

i bet we will see massive iaf airstrikes on multiple lebanese and syrian targets to eliminate thier long distance capabilities
 Quoting: DPS

High alert that is enough said. If they start deploying around Tel Aviv more domes, we know it is going down soon.
 Quoting: MIL MAN

i think 5-6 domes is all we got at the moment, there wont be another one deployed until summer time
 Quoting: DPS

but with the upgrades the iron dome is capable of downing longer range missiles, so if hizbullah or syria target central to southern regions they must fly over the domes stationed in the north, so i believe 5 domes in the north can provide some cover even to southern israel
 Quoting: DPS

Iron Dome is a kickass system developed & deployed in ridiculously short period of time - almost unprecedetedly so.

BUT you seriously under-estimate the Iranian missile capabilities. I say 'Iranian' becauise everyone knows Hezbollah = Iran, Syria, on some level Russia, too. Which is why Ehud Barak, Shelley Yachimovoch, et al should have been jailed or even executed for treason when they helped surrender South Lebanon, betrayed Israel's christian allies... but I digress ;)

I will say this: the fact that a 90 kilogram Tamir interceptor shut down 1-ton Fajr-5 during operation Cloud of Defense... was impressive enough.

If 90-kg Tamir can also intercept the 2+ ton Zelzal series missiles... it will be a game-changer.

Time shall see, lol
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