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Message Subject Watching MSNBC right now: prescription drug users to require out of pocket for every purchase
Poster Handle Hawbs
Post Content
I just read the post about aiming not to be on prescription medications. How do I maintain my transplanted kidney (due to genetic kidney disease, not alcohol or drugs,) without my anti-rejection medications? Huh? I worked and paid taxes in this country (also working for the US Government, Postal Service many years.) I guess it's good-bye Grandma, right? I had my 61st birthday less than a month ago..I'm expendable, right?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33090208

It's not that you're just expendable Grandma, you are a liability.

Obamacare = The Final Solution for the baby boom problem.

Haven't you looked at the demographics for the last forty years?

Still think that Roe v Wade was a great idea?

Time to pay the piper.
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