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Message Subject Watching MSNBC right now: prescription drug users to require out of pocket for every purchase
Poster Handle Exorcise This
Post Content
 Quoting: rachaelsdad

I take thyroid meds too, but they do NOTHING. I have zero metabolism, lethargy; chronic cold nose, hands, and feet. Hard-to-detect heartbeat, low blood pressure, and if I cut myself, I hardly bleed. I am the walking dead.

Is this your experience, OP?

Thank you.
 Quoting: Exorcise This

Have you had a thyroidectomy and still have these sxs?
 Quoting: rachaelsdad

No thyroidectomy. In fact, I never even heard the term until now. Is this a recommened procedure for such symptoms?

Thank you for the info. I'm certainly eager for answers/suggestions.

In some cases the thyroid actually blocks the Thyroid oral medication. Also what are your TSH T3 and Free T4 levels. These should be checked regularly for dosage and effectiveness.

It seems like my test results are always "borderline." Haven't been back to the doc in a while; I'd kind of given in to my fate. it's time for another check! I'm now encouraged to do so.

rachaelsdad, I really appreciate you taking the time to advise me with on this.
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