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Message Subject Watching MSNBC right now: prescription drug users to require out of pocket for every purchase
Poster Handle Unc Al
Post Content
Only a purely socialistic healthcare system, with no big corporations pulling the strings, is humane. But it won't happen in this world...any time soon...

And the screwing of the common man continues...
 Quoting: Uncle Alyosha 33137681


So comrade, what is the motivation that drives individuals to develop newer and better drugs? Can't be profits. Can't even be building the share price of corporations, because your retardocracy eliminates both.

What government school did you get your brainwashing from?
 Quoting: Professor Xavier

Prof X,

Newer and better drugs? Probably 95% of these drugs are not necessary and end up doing MUCH more harm than good. I could give countless examples, as many others here could, as well...

For-profit healthcare is among the USA's greatest jokes and evils. Marketers make the sheeple believe it's the world's best thing since the wheel's invention...
 Quoting: Unc Al 33147510

Let's assume your 95% statistic is correct (which it isn't).

How do you propose socialism motivates people to develop that 5%?
 Quoting: Professor Xavier

With a socialistic system, the main goal would be to keep people well so they wouldn't need so damn much healthcare. Preventative meds and ones that really work would be developed and used.

In the USA, meds often cause a multitude of side-effects that require more meds and more $$$$ into that for-profit system.

Do you actually believe that a CEO, whose main goal is making more money, wants to see you with good health? Please, prof X - it's reality time.

Granted, well run socialistic systems are very rare, but even the worst of them can beat the USA, which is why more and more people go abroad for care...
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