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Message Subject Watching MSNBC right now: prescription drug users to require out of pocket for every purchase
Poster Handle Natures Wrath
Post Content
When I saw on TV what Obummer's aids did to Joe the Plumber for asking one honest American question, I got off the couch for and registered to vote against Obummer. It was the first time I voted since Regan's first term 36 years.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33143429

But OP voted for hope and change, and now surprised somehow.
 Quoting: Desert Fox

I voted for him the first time, not the second you monthly check hoarder.
 Quoting: Natures Wrath

you didn't recognize what he was the first time around? were you dazzled by his skin color or by the idea of "change"? did you ever once ask yourself what kind of "change"? did it ever occur to you to research his past and those who had the most influence on his ideology?
 Quoting: davvi

Yea, amongst the duties of being a soldier, 2 weeks in the field, 2 weeks out of the field (prior to deployment) ad nauseum or how about the fact I listened to 4 of his speeches from fox news web app and had to make a decision then and there...we were told we have 1 month to cast our over seas ballot.
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