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Message Subject Watching MSNBC right now: prescription drug users to require out of pocket for every purchase
Poster Handle Uncle Alyosha
Post Content

With a socialistic system, the main goal would be to keep people well so they wouldn't need so damn much healthcare. Preventative meds and ones that really work would be developed and used.

(irrelevent content deleted)
 Quoting: Unc Al 33147510

I didnt' ask what your "main goal" would be.

I asked how you would motivate people to achieve it.
 Quoting: Professor Xavier

Oh, well, I guess the same thing that motivates a trash collector to get up in the morning: a paycheck so he can feed himself, etc...

By the way, since this is a pro-gun site, the designer of the world's most popular gun, Kalashnikov, was paid tiny wages for his development. Many great inventions in all kinds of industries took place in Soviet Russia, for example...even without dishing out large paychecks to people.

And while I don't have much experience visiting doctors, the one I saw in Russia, for free when I lived there, spent more time with me than the over-paid docs in the USA...

 Quoting: Unc Al 27607346

So, a paycheck. Paid by whom? And for what?

And I am shocked, SHOCKED, that you lived in Russia, you transparent, shallow collectivist pollyp.
 Quoting: Professor Xavier

Sorry, but name-calling earns you little credibility. Would you like to defend what you think is a good healthcare system. And in that system, your doctors are paid how? by whom? and for what?
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