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Message Subject President Obama: If I had a son, Id have to think long and hard before I let him play football.
Poster Handle Dr. Astro
Post Content
There is a narrative developing within the scientific community against american football. Research in recent years has revealed a greater extent of brain damage and pathology as a result of playing the sport than was previously appreciated. Here's the thing though, the current focus is NOT on pharmacotherapeutic strategies to reduce or prevent damage, the focus is on "reducing subconcussive blows to the head." In other words, altering the game itself so players don't hit their heads. Ultimately it won't just be about reducing the repetition of hits, eventually it'll be about even a single hit being too much...
[link to www.uphs.upenn.edu]
They are going to be coming after football (and not just pro football, but high school and college as well), mark my words, I have inside information about this and it's not from my uncle.
[link to www.ninds.nih.gov]
"Is participation in contact sports a CTE risk factor for school-aged children and young adults?"
"Are CTE and single exposure TBI distinct pathologic processes or part of a disease spectrum?"
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