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Message Subject President Obama: If I had a son, Id have to think long and hard before I let him play football.
Poster Handle The Sonic Dreamer
Post Content
Football, the game which is played ONLY in one nation on the entire planet: The United States of America. Why? Because football requires a type of mental toughness that is rare in this world. Football requires mental, physical, and emotional toughness. It is a violent sport, but it is controlled violence. And, nobody is forcing these players to play this violent game. The players are well aware of the risks and dangers, but it is American bravery and guts that make them eager for the game, not in spite of the controlled violence...but because of it.

Compare and contrast these statements made by the quisling milquetoast Barack Obama regarding the most American of sports, with the original "Rough Rider" Theodore Roosevelt, the President who saved the game from extinction by those who claimed it was too violent:
[link to www.history.com]

article: "How Teddy Roosevelt saved football"
(actually the game was extremely violent back then...with dozens of Americans actually dying each year!)
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