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Message Subject President Obama: If I had a son, Id have to think long and hard before I let him play football.
Poster Handle The Sonic Dreamer
Post Content
You think it is a coincidence he makes this inflammatory statement, and just a few days ago, Leon Panera-Bread states that women will be now potentially be serving on the front lines of combat?

With all the other pressing issues in the United States, such as massive unemployment, a recession tinkering on the edge of complete economic disaster, the Sandy Hook event, Benghazi cover-up, NDAA, drones in the skies of America, just to name a few.....

It is 100% by design that these non-issues are brought to the fore.

Now, most red-blooded American men will be discussing what a "wimp" and "weakling" Obama is, and threatening to march on Washington D.C. if he dares tinker with the damned pigskin...instead of focusing on the real issues, such as why there are no jobs, why we are still fighting wars and entering new ones, why the economy will not recover, Obamacare, NDAA, gun control, etc.
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