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Message Subject President Obama: If I had a son, Id have to think long and hard before I let him play football.
Poster Handle Angelic_Warrior
Post Content
I have a grandson who LOVES football along with many other sports.. plays several positions in the game.

He started riding dirt bikes at 3.. racing at 4.

He's a state ranked wrestler

Loves and has played baseball .. loves to ski.. snowboard .. loves water sports etc.

Hunts with a bow as well as a gun .. Bagged his first buck at 9.. goes to deer and bear camp with "the guys"

Comes by his athletic abilities naturally as my ex was a very gifted athlete. Ok.. his dad has some minor talent .. hehe

He has suffered several concussions at his young age (17) and had to sit out this past season due to a serious car accident he was in last summer.

I was SO thankful he couldn't play. He of course was devastated. These guys.. even this young will kill themselves over this game. Oh to have your name called over the loudspeaker. All the girls throw themselves at you. U B the man!!

All the other sports and activities he's involved with and he has never had a serious injury (not counting the car accident here) other than with football.

Even my ex was relieved he couldn't play this year.

That being said.. I doubt this is BO's reason for "throwing" this thought out there.

I'm not sure what diabolical scheme they're cooking up now but I'm quite sure it will not be something as innoculous as concern over one's health and welfare.

Thank you for providing me this platform to brag about my grandson. I've only scratched the surface
He's as nice and good looking as he is gifted rockon

Ok.. shall I send the check to you Trin?
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