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Message Subject My DMT trip
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Me and my mate extracted DMT from mimosa root bark I purchased some time ago . I had it in my drawer siting as I was scared to use it and at the same time I was very curious . It was tempting . Was waiting for the right time . Finally I did smoke it last night . All I can say is HOOOOLLLLYYY FUCKINGGGGG COWWWWW !!!!!!! I did a big hit too . It is very very hard to describe but I will try the best .
I prepared myself by relaxing and when doing hit I was siting on my couch ready to lay down . As I hit it in a time frame of 2 seconds I started feeling the effect and that im going places . Immediately I lay down and closed my eye's . What happen next is unbelievable . I felt leaving my body and turn something like a ball of energy flying through corridor upwards . All surrounding were geometrical shapes , changing patterns , spinning , changing shapes , colors , very bright colors . I was started to freak out but I manage to relax and go with the flow . Then I started hearing very beautiful music , something like ancient Indian or eastern . It was sacred sounds . Started hearing chanting it was beautiful and sounded like many children but kind of little funny and magical .They were chanting in unison . As I fly upwards im completely aware of whats going on . I was aware who I am , where Im going , whats the life about , purpose , etc. I wasn't human . I was something else . Life here in 3d was like a joke , a test , experience , learning . I knew this reality is computer program , a hologram . Suddenly I was aware of everything , all the secrets , I knew all and everything . I was surrounded by love and every single " thing " there was emitting enourmous quantity of love . I felt like I been there many times before and everything was familiar to me .
As I progressed and going further the more intense all sounds and geometrical shapes . It was like machine with spinning gears and parts , every part in the place for purpose in order for machine to function but this machine was not material , it was spiritual . Like a God . I reached the point where I stopped and this machine was about to do something to me . It felt like I was about to be reprogrammed . It got really intense . It felt like 100 % that I will never come back to this world . I was going back to creator , the " source " . Then I started to think about my mom . That would break her heart . Also people who love me , I didn't want to leave them just like that . It was hard but I decided to come back and like if I knew that somehow what I shod do I opened my eyes . At that very second the " machine " started to shut down . I could see and hear it as it slowly shut down . I looked at objects around my room and they were blurry , repeating themselves , then slowly begin appearing back to normal . All I could think or say was HOOOLLLLYYYY COOOWWWW !
I can say with 100 % it is real folks . It was not hallucination . I just know it .
It did change me . I started to change my perception of this world and how I feel it .
 Quoting: Aquarius 33137576

I experience the same every day without DMT, so advanced being I am! lol
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