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Message Subject Patriots Rising: Guns Across America
Poster Handle Dexter Livingstone
Post Content
"When all that is left is Vengeance, the people will have Justice!" Thor

Sorry it had to come to this America.

Ten armed Federal agencies now have the authority to break down your doors! Soon you will see false charges, false evidences, false justifications,...they will steal your children, they will freeze your bank accounts, they will take your land and sell it to pay for destroying your life!

END THE FED...before it ends you!

How do you deal with a whole group of insane Nazis with guns, False courts, Poison Chem trails, devious scheming against the Constitution?

Thread: Press Release: FORMATION OF THE GREATER STATES MILITIA ORGANIZATION by the the authority of the United States of America Constitution

Tell me,
What will it have to cost you?
What is your line in the sand?
When will you arrest fascist collaborators?
What constitutes treason against the Constitution?
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