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Message Subject Patriots Rising: Guns Across America
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Has anyone stopped to think that maybe this so-called gun grab is nothing more than a ploy by the government to get citizens to arm themselves? I mean, the effect that this had was exactly the opposite of the intended effect. In other words, people have armed themselves across the country at an alarming rate which is exactly the opposite of what the politicians intended. If this is what the government intended, why would they want to arm the citizens of this country? The only reason would have to be that the government knows that an invasion by a foreign power is about to take place and that the last line of defense will be the citizens of this country. The question is who is about to invade the US and is it even a power from this Earth? Could they be preparing us to fight against an alien invasion?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32558368

I don't know a about the alien invasion part but I guess one never knows. But I was thinking the same thing. It's like they know something is coming, but what? All these gun grabbers sure have started a buying spree like nothing I have ever seen. Absolutely no ammo to be had, semiautos are extremely hard to find. Shit I can't even find any 22cal anywhere.
 Quoting: Oscanator 24421278

We have to keep all posibilities open. An alien invasion would not seem so outlandish. Have you noticed how quickly our technology has been advancing in the last few years? It's like someone wants to get out technology up to par with that of some threatening alien race. 2012 was just a distraction from all this.

Someone in the government knows something. However, the politicians don't know what's up. Funny how that works. Politicians are just a bunch of puppets.
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