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Message Subject A Louisiana Grocery Store is Forced to Raise Milk Prices by State Regulators
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
LOL I love how it's considered illegal to sell something below cost and the government does LITTLE TO NOTHING about price gouging!

I also like how the government thinks that they have the right to tell a business how they are to be run. If a business practice is unsound and unprofitable the company will go bankrupt. If it is sound, the company will make money and continue to exist. It's as simple as that!

Oh but wait, if you fuck up your business you can just ask the governemnt to bail you out right?! BUT only if you are "too big to fail".

LOL WTF kind of fucked up society are we living in? This shit is so fucked up sometimes I have a hard time beleiving it's actually real!

One day history is going to look back at us and wonder how we got it so fucking wrong.
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