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idiot, the saxons were named after the long sword they used called a seax.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30474188

The Persic dialect was here long before English. So whose the idiot who didn't do his research? In addition, the ancient Greeks who were here before had already given us the facts and stories of the Saxons coming from the Sakas long before the name of the seax was ever invented. What you are saying is akin to saying the from came before the guppy or chicken before the egg. Therefor, I must ask, "who is the true idiot here?"

I do not read just one, but have read about a dozen different "stories" that were "created" by "men." My research entails all Hi-story and I hate to say it or be a ruthless hound, but I have better access and more sources than ANYONE else that has written on the Saxons and that includes Greek Historians and or English.

What you are reading will become the official story someday when DNA verifies their stay here in Asia and also the fact that after this time they are found in Britain, Ireland, Gaul and Scotland.
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