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Veresanctus is correct the Saxons are the "sons of Isaac". When the tribes of Israel migrated (several different times) some went to the Black Seas and then north and westward through Germani and another through Spain and the final destination was the "isles in the seas..." (Great Britain) The Cymry (Cimmerans) went to what is now Wales. A question for all to answer why is King David's throne now in Westminster Abbey? This is the very throne Christ shall return to sit on! Why does Britain have the rampant lion on it's flags and shields? Why do they have unicorns also?
 Quoting: anonymous 1593458

The names in the bible are purely allegorical which means that when you say 'Isaac,' that means it is not a real name of a person, but an allegorical one to identify a person or event. Often these names are not people, but events.

Isaac sounds much like "I-Sak" or I-Dog.

After all, Isaac was the only biblical patriarch whose name was not changed, and the only one who did not leave Canaan.
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