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The term Saka refers to the Indo-Persian peoples, many who roamed Central Asia. Not much connection with Saxons, sorry. Even Buddha sometimes is referred to as Sakyamuni Buddha. Is he a Saxon?

The Greeks referred to any horse riding group on the Eurasian plains with the general catch term Scythians. BTW, they crushed the axe-wielding Sacae at Marathon. Those asiatic slaves of the Great King of Persia didn't show much. If that is what you want for your ancestors, so be it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30474188

No, but he could have been a Sak or Saka for sure. I already established that the Greeks and as well as the Romans had identified a tribe that was "separate and different" than the Scythians. Hence, they say, “All Sakai were Scythians, but not all Scythians were Sakai.”

All I said that the word was Persic and I assume you think Asians are dumb and you being a caucasian tells me something about you.

The Scythians are Hittites. The Scythian name is from Historians who came much later anyways and the Hittites are actually a scientifically verified peoples with the science and history to back them up while there is nothing but "stories" about the Scythians.
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