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Despite the use of "Hatti", the Hittites should be distinguished from the Hattians, an earlier people who inhabited the same region (until the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC) and spoke a language which was part of the Northwest Caucasian languages group known as Hattic.

The Hittites used Mesopotamian cuneiform letters. Archaeological expeditions to Hattusa have discovered entire sets of royal archives in cuneiform tablets, written either in the Semitic Mesopotamian Akkadian language of Assyria and Babylonia, the diplomatic language of the time, or in the various dialects of the Hittite confederation.

The hittities from the bible were not caucasoid nor indo european but semetic mesopktamians akkadian and assyrian.

The amorites were fully semetic also. Why are you trying to steal the history of the semites which is well documented and connect them with anglo saxons? Are you not proud of your european heritage that you have to steal it from somewhere else to aid your inferiority complex?

Anglo Saxons have a marvelous history in europe keep it there.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26890650

Yes, the Anglo Saxons have a marvelous history in Europe, but the Saxons were apparently in Central Asia as well and long before we find them in Europe. I AM in California, but my parents came from Canada and our ancestors France and Ireland. People move around bro and especially these tribes.

My purpose is to just shed light on these facts. If you refuse to listen to great historians like Albinus, Pliny and Ptolemy then that is your choice.

Albinus says, “The Saxons were descended from the Ancient Sacae (the Sakas) of Asia, and that eventually they were called Saxons.” Herodotus had said that the Persians gave the name of Sacae or Sacans to all the Scythians and Pliny says that the Sakai, who settled in Armenia, were named Sacassani. Ptolemy also mentions a Scythian people sprung from the Sakai, by the name of Saxones.”
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