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The term Saka refers to the Indo-Persian peoples, many who roamed Central Asia. Not much connection with Saxons, sorry. Even Buddha sometimes is referred to as Sakyamuni Buddha. Is he a Saxon?

The Greeks referred to any horse riding group on the Eurasian plains with the general catch term Scythians. BTW, they crushed the axe-wielding Sacae at Marathon. Those asiatic slaves of the Great King of Persia didn't show much. If that is what you want for your ancestors, so be it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30474188

No, but he could have been a Sak or Saka for sure. I already established that the Greeks and as well as the Romans had identified a tribe that was "separate and different" than the Scythians. Hence, they say, “All Sakai were Scythians, but not all Scythians were Sakai.”

All I said that the word was Persic and I assume you think Asians are dumb and you being a caucasion tells me something about you.

The Scythians are Hittites. The Scythian name is from Historians who came much later anyways and the Hittites are actually a scientifically verified peoples with the science and history to back them up while there is nothing but "stories" about the Scythians.
 Quoting: KnightsTemplar.TV

Scythians or Sarmatians are not a myth as numerous medieval books have something to do with them and almost every map has their name marked. They are scientifically verified. The only problem is that there are several Scythian cultures. Different climatic parts have differences in culture as way of life there must be different, different local materials in everyday are used. Now it is hard to tell were these parts a different country or the same. Scientists usually refer to archaeological cultures so that not to confuse something. Scythia was a federation, so there were naturally numerous nations. Chronicles tell about them as different too.
Hittites were conquered by Scythians. It means they were a different nation.
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