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Message Subject Why God must exist
Poster Handle Frater
Post Content
My experience has been that if You expect God to be, you experience God and find evidence of God everywhere, it's indisputable to me.

But if you don't expect God to be, you will ignore the wonderful miracles and never feel Gods love or ignore it or dismiss it as something else.

It's OK to question Gods existence though, that's honesty though I hope those people open up and allow for the possibility.

It's all Magic! Everything we do, everything we experience, every atom and all the multiverse; it's one giant miracle once you start to see it that way :)

It's all the mind of God, God has a whim and all of creation comes into being and who knows how many? Qabalah helps explain it but I don't think were capable of really comprehending it, our heads would explode long before.

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