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Message Subject Why God must exist
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
flight declares God's glory. animals don't just start flapping their limbs and over generations and generations form feathers and start to fly.

a creature cannot "evolve" and learn to fly.

however animals can lose the ability to fly. i.e. the ostrich.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32397903

Not only do we know dinosaurs had feathers, scientists are now thinking that ALL dinosaurs had feathers.

[link to www.sciencenews.org]

There are many species of dinosaur, including the famous archeopteryx, who had feathers. The imprint of the feathers are clearly visible in the fossils. There are plenty of dinosaurs who could not fly, yet had feathers, suggesting alternative reasons other than flight. Mating rituals, gliding abilities, appearance of being larger are some suggestions. Some species of bird today are born in trees, and must eventually get to the ground. Feathers would make this feat easier. Over time, the birds found gliding, and consequently, flying, to be beneficial for obvious reasons.

We know that if we find a dinosaur with very little feathers in one layer of sediment, you are not going to find dinosaurs with more feathers in lower layers. As you move up the layers of sediment, you will find that you can watch as evolution took place from dinosaur to bird. I find it hard to believe that a great flood would separate the animals in this sequence. This also applies to many other species.

Ok, so now that I posted this, what argument are you going to go to next without addressing what I'm saying? This is fun, huh?
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