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Message Subject Why God must exist
Poster Handle Understanding
Post Content
My answer is since God is the first cause GOD HAS ALWAYS EXISTED. The universe, though, came to exist. How is not known by modern science.
 Quoting: Amilius

But how do you know what God is or what he represents?

God could be a super advanced computer or a machine of sorts.

It's us humans who try to make him/it human for a lack of understanding...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33102584

Try to think outside of our creations.. No wonder you cant fathom the easiest of things. In order for life, there must be a source, hence, this source is not a machine, simply because a machine needs us in order to sustain, either mobility, our created "force" for it to function, our instructions how to operate.

God, The Creator, is a force, to hard to comprehend, but, as loving as He is, He simplifies things, so a child would understand it :P

Go, and search all you want.. use all your knowledge, you wont understand it AT all, because you simply cant accept the fact, that there is A Creator, a high power we call God.

You have so many questions, if its His will, you will come to understanding.
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