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Message Subject Brazil Nightclub Fire: More than 230 People Dead
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The popular architecture forum Skyscrapercity had the Castelao stadium in Fortaleza, Brazil, on its daily banner the last Thursday, January 24:

[link to xl.skyscrapercity.com]

Problem is, the descripton of the banner has a text that says:

" It's double reinnauguration macthes are taking place today, 27/Jan/2013"

and has a fake link that takes you to nowhere ("page not found") in the official portal of the world cup.

This text was created by them, and does not comes from the official portal of the world cup. The link is fake.

Why they used the word "Today", refering to January 27, if they were posting that banner on January 24?

Also, in the next day, January 25, the daily banner was AGAIN a Brazilian city:

[link to xl.skyscrapercity.com]

It was São Paulo.

It's very unusual for them to have cities in the same country in the banner in two consecutive days.

Since Skyscrapercity is a forum controlled by Freemasons
, it was clearly a CLUE about the false flag in Brazil, TODAY, 27/Jan/2013

Only if you're blind you can't see this.

The false flag came in the form of the nightclub fire that killed 233 people in Santa Maria
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