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Message Subject Brazil Nightclub Fire: More than 230 People Dead
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here is a hint for you guys:

if you want to find "hints" from the Illuminati, look for it on Skyscrapercity

On the SAME DAY of the supposed explosion on Iran's nuclear facility in Fordow, the daily banner of Skyscrapercity was this one:

[link to xl.skyscrapercity.com]

Can you see the meaning???

Translation: "we, the Illuminati-Zionists, are going to bomb Iran back to the stone age"

That was on Monday, January 21, the supposed day of the bomb in Fordow.

Remember that WND only came with "information" about this "bomb" 3 days later...

That's a heavily Zio-Mason-Illuminati website...
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