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Message Subject Military surface-to-air missile launcher shows up at Seattle gun buyback event - and it had been used before
Poster Handle Oscanator
Post Content
Police officers collecting weapons during Seattle's first gun buyback program in more than 20 years were shocked when someone brought in with a military surface-to-air missile launcher Saturday.

According to a member of the Seattle Police Departmentís bomb squad, the launcher was a single-use military device that had already been used once.

A man who was at the event bought the weapon for $100 from the person who brought it in, but it was temporarily confiscated by Seattle police.
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 Quoting: JUST HERE

I can't believe how stupid the sheep are. Of fuck course it's been used. It's military surplus, you can go to a army navy store and buy one, they are not illegal to own. They are decommissioned, which means they are rendered inoperable. Which means they don't fucking work. Fucking retards.
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