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Message Subject More than 10,000 signatures needed to try Senator Dianne Feinstein in a Federal Court For Treason To The Constitution
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What are the Penalties for Treason?
[link to www.wisegeek.com]

Treason is an act of disloyalty or betrayal of trust to your own government. Examples of treason include assassination of a state figure, fighting against your own nation in a war, assisting enemy combatants, or passing vital government information to the enemy. Historically, treason has been severely punished, because an act of treason can destroy a nation. In the modern day, a conviction of treason is accompanied at a minimum by a long jail sentence and a heavy fine, and may merit the death penalty under certain circumstances.

Traditionally, the families of traitors were punished along with the traitors themselves, to act as a deterrent to committing treason or participating in treasonous acts with family members. In addition to being sentenced to death, all of the traitor's property would be confiscated, and his or her family members might be forced to forfeit property as well in punishment. Traitors could not will property to other family members, and individuals related to someone who had committed treason faced serious social stigma. Many family members fled to other countries with what wealth they could salvage.

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