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Message Subject BREAKING!!! Obama suggests Republicans unwilling to compromise in gun control debate!!!!
Poster Handle PC FREE
Post Content
This guy is fucking unbelievable! He has the audacity to preach to the republicans about the virtues of compromise when he himself has steadfastly refused to compromise on anything regarding the spending cuts we desperately need right now.In fact he said he had a mandate from the people and he didn`t have to compromise with congress.When you campaign and you say that we need to control govt. spending and that you`re gonna do that by making some tough choices and that your plan will reduce the deficit by half in 4 years, that`s what the people voted for.Now that he`s safely re-elected he doesn`t plan to make any cuts and in fact has asked for more spending!Mr. Obama,it`s not a mandate when you get re-elected under false pretenses. Hunting has nothing to do with gun rights and you know that, yet you just keep spouting the libtard talking points disregarding the truth in the matter which is that gun free zones like Chicago are a proven cause of more gun deaths because law abiding citizens are left defenseless while the scumbag criminals keep there guns and run roughshod over innocent people.500+ HOMICIDES last year in gun free Chicago, 7 gun related homicides so far this WEEKEND!And you want to expand this policy?! Well it`s no wonder people suspect the true motive behind gun control is much more sinister than what`s being presented.
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