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Message Subject Huge Blast At Iran's Fordow Nuclear Plant... U.N. Won't Deny Explosions...
Poster Handle ninnie
Post Content
There was an earthquake in Iran on 21 January 2013, 5.0 the Monday when this happened, who says it is sabotage, it could have been an accident caused from the earth shaking. There were more earthquakes in Iran after this date.

Are the Muslims upset because the Jews have gone back home fulfilling prophecy ? Well, what God has done no one can undo, not even death.

They should be rejoicing with the Jews after such a long time of spiritual drought and make a success in their own countries the space they have is massive. The desserts should be blossoming.

We have entered a new age now, The Messiah will lead the world from Jerusalem for 1000 years in Person, in the flesh! He so happens to be God Almighty and nothing can withstand the new age of peace, it took 6000 years to get to this after the fall when mankind fell into sin. We are entering the next 1000 years which is the time for God to rest, who dares to challenge this and get away with it?

The man-made laws proposed for a compromised 'peace' is turning out to be a lie because the 'peace' the world wants is to remove what God has done and that is not going to be possible because it would break God's promise made to Abraham and God does not break His promises. God's promise to Abraham stands in the way and anything mankind does to try and change it will not work. Who is so stupid to stand against the Person who created the heavens and the earth and who created us ? Only mad people will do that.
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