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Message Subject Huge Blast At Iran's Fordow Nuclear Plant... U.N. Won't Deny Explosions...
Poster Handle littlemiracles
Post Content
Not one legitimate news source has posted anything about this so called explosion, it's BS and you all fall for it (like usual) hook line and sinker.

Jokes on you.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9725119

Not quite...

The same lack of reporting and rumours abounded following Israel's (alleged) attack on Syria's nuclear reactor in 2007. It has still not been confirmed by either side.

Iran is in a difficult place here, if they admit the destruction of the facility they have to attack Israel and that means certain annihilation or they can covertly retaliate using syria and Hezbollah as proxies therefore retaining deniability and safeguarding the Iranian regime.

Iran could use chemical weapons against Israel through Syria and blame it on the "terrorist elements", maybe this is why the Iron Dome has been activated in Northern Israel.

Will be an interesting few days thats for sure...
 Quoting: The Scientist

Nailed it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14524586
What I was gonna say...
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