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Message Subject Nicotine fights fear, anxiety, PTSD
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is some bullshit self masturbation thread for smokers. I stopped smoking and I feel tons better than when I smoked.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 975472


Yep folks sure will talk up a storm to justify themselves, and the "smarter" they are the worse it gets.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 142629

So what would you tell to all these people that are feeling much worse after quiting smoking?

Feel worse for giving up smoking...14 months down the line.
This is certainly not an inspirational post...but it is an honest one.
Please do not be discouraged by this post and ensure you read right through until the end.
I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to feel this burst of health and vitality that is supposed to occur when you give up the smokes.
It just hasn't happened.
I have been to my G.P (family doctor) because I have been feeling so rough and he says that it takes time!Like I said, it's best to get checked out by your doctor as I have done.
Apparently, you feel worse before you start feeling better.I reckon that's where I am at right now.
[link to smokelessellen.blogspot.ro]

I too quit and have the same exact symptoms breathing issues, and a terrible cough has been 3 weeks.

Same problem here. I cought a horrible chest cold from my grandson. In turn, i have asthma which seems worse with the rotten chest cold. I found Zyrtec which really did the trick for my allergies. Now the zyrtec is not holding up for me like it did 2 weeks ago so i have had to go back to the inhaler which i haven't had to touch since January of 07.
I have not smoked for almost two weeks and all i do is hack and cough.
I am almost afraid to stop smoking all together for fear that i will get something else.
Many people that i talk to tell me the same thing. They quit smoking after many years and develop something else.
My friends dad quit smoking after 40 years. Now he has every ailment under the sun. He was doing fine, then after about 6 months he started having all kinds of issues.
I don't know what to do.

Hi there, I am 28 and am the same. Quit smoking 3 weeks ago and SO SICK still. It's terrible hacking up, breathing problems, chest is killing me from cough, why?!!!!!!!!!!!!

I quit smoking about 2 months ago after smoking casually for about 14 years ( a pack a week,plus weed) I also had asthma when I was younger.
Ever since I quit smoking I feel like I'm going to die, for the first time in 14 years I have gone back to using my albuterol inhaler because i feel like my lungs are closing up on me and this is the only relief I have.
There is also a taste of blood or iron when I cough which worried me so I went to see a doctor and she said bascially the same thing all you guys here have been saying.
Sometimes too though I have problems sleeping because i have trouble breathing.
This is terrible and I hope I get over this soon.

My Name is Dee and I quit smoking in Feb. It is now October 28th and I feel worse today than I did when I was smoking. I quit smoking because Heart disease is common in my family and i had just found out my younger brother age 42 has heart disease . I became concernec enough that it made me quit. Well I must say, I can not believe i felt better when I smoked. Since I quit, I have had cat scans, lung scans, a left and right heart catherization and so many other tests its insane. They Find NOTHING. the only thing that was discovered is Sleep apnea , so now i look like an alien when i go to bed with this mask on.
I just dont know what to do about how I constantly feel like I am gasping for air. Its like someone is holding their hand over my mouth and nose and they only let me take tiny bits of air in.
Its almost feels like im suffocating.
Crazy huh?
anyone else have any idea how long this last, I mean, come on its, been 8 months allready , shouldnt I feel better now with no smoking , or am i better of going back, allthough I hate the smell of them anymore,.

I understand exactly what you are experiencing! I decided to get healthy last September so i quit smoking and joined a gym. I watched what i ate, hired a trainer and didnt smoke. I also started to get really sick. It started with sneezing and coughing. Then progressed to a tightness in my chest and finally not being able to breath. It was really scary! I went to the doctor, he tried allergy medicine and an inhaler. The allergy medicine helped some the inhaler was useless. We did a pulmonary test and the dr said i was looking at COPD, he gave me spariva. Within 48 hrs my breathing was worse and i began having severe chest pains. I stopped the spariva immediatly. I truly think the chest pains were caused by struggle to breath taxing my heart. Went back to the Dr and he sent me to a specialist. The Specialist has put me on Singulair at night and my allergy pill in the morning and my life has finally gotten back to normal. His explanation is that my immune system is busy trying to repair 20 years worth of smoking damage so i am more susceptable to everything else.
I'm glad i quit smoking but i sure wish someone would let you know these are some common side effects. All you ever hear and see are the benefits which are true but when you are struggling to breath and feel as if you are dieing it would have been nice to have a heads up. When i finally found this site i was so relieved to know it wasnt just me. I was very surprised to see so many people with the same problems. I thought i was the only one in the world to quit smoking and cant breath, go to the gym and get fat. LOL

I understand where you are coming from as well. I can't figure out for the life of me why quitting smoking would actually make you feel worse. But I'm glad that I found this site...so I know I'm not the only one experiencing some of these issues. I do understand the bodies need for repair after so many years of abusing it with smoking...I quit about 10 months ago. Have felt pretty good most of the time since I've quit except the last couple weeks. I have always gone to the gym...even as a smoker. I have a harder time breathing now than ever before. The last 2 weeks I've noticed what feels to me like asthma type symptoms...scares me so much. Afraid to go to the dr. I might try an Allergy Medication as I've read that so many others are trying.
[link to www.steadyhealth.com]
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