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Message Subject Nicotine fights fear, anxiety, PTSD
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You know what cures depression?

Having the dignity and forthought to put efort into your own life. Make decisions, and don't listen to the addicted EGO that wants to smoke.

It is a toxin. Simple. It may distract you from your unpleasant life, but it won't solve anything.

Maybe put the cig out and think about your life.

If your emotions are dictated from a substence, that's addiction.

Once in addiction you are no longer your self.

Once you are no longer yourself you are susceptible to ideas and information that plague your weak mind and overload your system. This creates the useless human paradigm.

Now you are not yourself, the world is too big, you are focused on the reality of your addicted ego and the cigarette, ultimately never getting anything done because your emotions and motivation are run by a rolled up tube of disease.

Take two shots of vodka in the morning, that will trigger desires and wants while blocking out the static(we are bombarded with more information than we are used to every day, it clogs are mental circuits and confuses us if we don't sort it out. Hence watching the t.v and turning the brain of is bad. All those images go into your subconcious, and you sort them out later in your dreams. Its confusing, not enlightenment btw.) and is a goodway to counter act nicotine adiction.

Harmless rant.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31679360

What use to be UK and USA was made by men largely addicted to smoking: 82% in UK in 1948 and 43% in US in 1965 ( Thread: The anti-smoking conspircy Most of the people that made breakthrough discoveries were smokers as well.
Now you can "two shots of vodka" and forget all of that!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33278649

that has nothing to do with the smoking you silly silly person.

A genius is a genius regardless of what he puts in his body. Its a way of understanding he has discovered. Smoking simply kills him quicker and distracts him while doing so.

Most people that make breakthroughs wouldn't attribute it to smoking. Regardless if your statement was the vaguest blanket sentence to be right I have ever read.

alcohol on the other hand is healthy in small doses.

so...don't really know why you would defend a toxic substance.

Just burn the shit, its a black tar. I mean come on child.
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