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Subject Obamacare and the demographics of Roe v Wade
Poster Handle Hawbs
Post Content
I was just reading another thread about the posters surprise that Obamacare was not looking very promising for older people. Who woulda thunk that the termination of 50 million + pregnancies would have any impact on the American way of life.

Gallup says 70% are still in favor of abortion on demand. I have a sneaking suspicion that some may change their minds when they are denied extended medical coverage into their "golden years".

Possibly that much larger of an American population would have negated the need to have Clinton sign NAFTA into law. We wouldn't have had to create bubbles (tech, stock and housing) to extend this American dream another twenty years.

Perhaps one of those terminated would have developed a technology that would have enabled the rest of us to live a life with a much kinder footprint on Terra Firma. (sustainable pollution free energy). Maybe an answer to the food crises?

Guess we'll never know for sure. We will just have to figure out how to reconcile with what we have been dished out. It can't be our fault things are falling apart.

Do you think it could possibly be true that

Obamacare = The Final Solution for the elderly and infirm?

[link to finance.townhall.com]
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